What I do

Four days a week I work at the Kawerau Information Centre. I have designed and developed a community website for them and actively keep it updated. This website is Kawerau Online.

Web design

I have been making websites since I was 10 years old. HTML, CSS & PHP were always fascinating to me. I love being able to make things work, especially when they work how I want!

I use Adobe® Photoshop and Adobe® Dreamweaver to create the front end of a website (a theme), and then I use WordPress for the database and back end of the website.

All websites I make can be extended using plugins. These are very useful as they can add event management systems (that can take bookings and payments), contact form managers, photo galleries, social media functions, newsletters and many, many more!


Each website is different and I charge on a per website basis. The common price with all websites is a $300 base fee. This is the minimum amount that I charge to create a basic website, which includes:

For more complex websites there will be an additional charge of $40/hour for custom development. This includes the installation and customisation of plugins (refer above), content writing and other features not mentioned above.

Print design

I have been known to dabble in print design, but I do not count this as one of my major skills. I am comfortable designing business cards (in which I can design and print very inexpensively) and post cards.